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Find Your Bra Size

Did you know it is estimated that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size?

Are you sure you’re wearing the correct bra size? At Mille Notte Lingerie, our goal is to show our clients how a properly fitted bra can improve their posture, their comfort and their lives!

Please note that the information below gives you an approximate, estimated bra size. While this method of sizing is usually accurate, the measuring tape doesn’t always tell the truth. Bra size and the bra fitting process most often requires the assistance of a Professional Bra Fitter. Also, keep in mind that not every bra will fit the same, so you may be different sizes in different brands and styles.

Making sure that a bra fits you properly ensures that you’ll not only avoid back and shoulder pain, but will end up with a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette, with support in all the right places! Follow our simple tips to make sure you’ve got the right size!


Calculate Your Size

Measure your band size by measuring the circumference of your body just under your breasts. Make sure that your measuring tape is always level with the floor to get an accurate measurement.

If your measurement is 34”, add 5” and your size will be 39” which means you might be a 38” or a 40” try both sizes and see which is a better fit (try 38” or 40”)!

To find your cup size, measure around the fullest portion of your breast, take this measurement minus your band size and you’ll get a number between 0-10. Each number corresponds to a letter cup with 0=AA, 1=A, 2=B, etc. For instance, if you measure a 34” around your body, and a 38” around your breast, you would be a 34D.

Find Your Bra Size Step 1


Note that cup size is proportional to band size

This means that a 32D and a 36D may both be “D cups,” but the D cup is actually bigger on a 36 band size than a D cup on a 32 band size.

Step 2


Two-finger rule

You should be able to fit two fingers under the band of your bra – no more, no less. Any more and your band will start riding up your back and will not be properly supporting your breasts. You’ll end up with less lift than desired!

Step 3


Follow the wire

Find out if your cup size is correct by making sure the underwire is flat around the outside of your breast the entire way! This means that the side underwire should typically line up with the middle of your armpit and should be hugging the outside of your breast and that the gore, or centre fabric between the cups, should be flat against your chest.

Step 4


Adjust the straps

For the proper support, fit your bra straps so they sit tight enough that the bra and straps stay in place, but not too tight so that they stay in a comfortable position under your shoulder blades across your back.

Step 5


Try a sister size

Remember that the measurements you’re given in a fitting are only a starting point! If you’ve been fit for a 34C, but something feels off, try a sister size. To go down a sister size, reduce your band by two and increase one cup size (i.e. 34C = 32D). To go up, add two to your band size and go down a cup size (i.e. 34C = 36B).

Step 6

Those are our top six tips for making sure you’ve got the right bra size!

Still not 100% sure about your bra size? Click the button below to book a bra fitting appointment with one of our specialists at Mille Notte Lingerie!